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Posted Februaury 1, 2018 by SaiScott.

How to Play Triple Monsters

Thanks to the official Triple Monsters Twitter account, we now know a basic rundown of the rules for Triple Monsters. Over the past 3 nights they've been tweeting out bits of information on how to play, and my good friend HunterSerge has translated the information for us! Let's get right into it.

The Flow of Turns

Start of Game

Players draw 5 cards. Return any number of cards back to the deck to mulligan once. It is currently not known if mulligans are to the bottom of the deck, or shuffled in.

Draw Phase

Each turn after the first, players draw 2 cards.

Evoke Phase

Players place monsters in their [Left] and [Right] zones. Compare power totals, the player with the higher total gains priority.

Use the skills of your monsters, the player with priority does so first. After all skills resolve, players draw 1 card & proceed to the Invoke Phase.

Summoning monsters costs "Magical Power" (mana?) which is indicated in the top-left of the card. You get only 10 "Magical Power" per turn. Cards with Invoke skills generally cost 4 or more "Magical Power".

Invoke Phase

Players now place a monster in their [Center] zone. Activate Invoke skills afterwards, keeping in mind the priority gained in the Evoke Phase. After all skills resolve, proceed to Victory Determination.

Victory Determination

Total the power of all monsters. The highest total wins that turn. It is currently unknown what happens to the monsters currently on field. We assume they're sent to a drop zone. If a player has won 2 turns total, they win the game.

Deck Building

There's not much information to cover here, but we do know decks are 20 cards minimum. It is unknown what the maximum is at the moment. We also don't have official word on number of copies per card, but I'm assuming it's 3 copies.

Closing Notes

Are you as excited about Triple Monsters as I am? Be sure to sign up for closed beta using your Google Play account! Sorry iPhone users, closed beta registration is currently not available for you, but don't worry, an iOS version of the game is confirmed still!

I'll be posting as we learn more information, so be sure to follow me on Twitter to get notified when I post something new! You can also follow news by joining the Triple Monsters Discord server! Hope to see you there.