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Posted Unknown Date by SaiScott.

Triple Monsters by Bushiroad!

Triple Monsters is a new digital card game by Bushiroad set for Japanese release in Spring 2018. Not much is currently known about Triple Monsters at the moment, but we do have little pieces of information about the game to go over in this article, and characters for a later article.

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Known Game Information

The game includes six elements; Wind, Water, Lightning, Fire, Earth, Phantom. We also know of six characters currently; Sou, Julia, Maurice, Finn, Diya, and Mikage who each specialize in one of the elements respectively.

Triple Monsters is a mobile digital card game, it is unknown if a PC version will ever exist. Japanese tournaments for Triple Monsters will run within local game stores. While the game will be its own thing, it'll also be used to help introduce more people to real life card games. Bushiroad currently has collaboration plans between Triple Monsters and Cardfight!! Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight, and Luck & Logic.

Playing field involves summoning 3 monsters or something of the sort, this information is a bit foggy right now but I'll report back with more information when we learn more!

That's about it for game information at the moment, but I'll write again when we learn more. Also, keep checking back or follow me on social media for my upcoming article on the Triple Monsters Rules!

Important Links

If you read Japanese, check out the following links to learn more about Triple Monsters!

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